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Art Show – Josh Kelly

Josh Kelly Art Show is open to the public during normal business hours. A reception will be held on August 4.


About Josh:
Joshua Kelly is a local Dallas artist currently residing in Denton, TX where he continues to paint abstract and surrealistic works playing off of ideas and words and stretching the limit to his own interpretations of life and emotions.

I started drawing as a young boy drawing cartoon characters with my brother Von until I reaches highschool where I first picked up a paintbrush. I immediately fell in love with the colors and textures I could use at my disposal and quickly picked up extra art classes to keep experimenting. After I graduated I went through a phase of pop art then into a massive cubist study when i moved to Austin, Tx where I discovered that mathematics came natural to me and started using numbers and shapes as my primary exploration to my art. Since moving back to Dallas I have had several displays in local businesses and created several collections using the skills and trades I’ve come across from my personal studies as well as other artists around me.

Visible volume is a unique spin on my style and portfolio where I brought spray paint to the table for the first time and took my musical passion to a level of interpretation by taking music terms, ideas, genres, and the letters A – G to a physically visible form of expression through my eyes and mind.