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Cab Calloway Story

Cab Calloway was born on Christmas Day, 1907 and his father died while Cab was very young.

Cab grew up rudderless but determined to help his mother with their bleak finances. Instead of attending school, he often hot-walked horses at Pimlico to earn extra money, or shined shoes, or sold newspapers on the streetcar. His personality attracted people to him.

His mother insisted that he attend college to become a lawyer, although Cab’s first love was show business. He constantly cut classes to entertain in such Chicago nightclubs as Dreamland Cafe where he met the great Louis Armstrong. Louis took Cab under his wing and taught him about singing and music.

Cab flourished through the Great Depression and World War II, but at the end of the war, the big-nag era ended, and Cab’s fortune fell away.

A call from a Broadway producer saved him, with the offer to play Sportin’ Life in a revival of PORGY AND BESS. Soon thereafter, he met Nuffie, the love of his life and he had three beautiful daughters. Cab was finally part of the family he craved.

Cab Calloway Story is filled with great songs: Ain’t Misbehaven’, It Ain’t Necessarily So and many more!