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Is There Life After Lubbock?

Starring Jaston Williams (known from Greater Tuna) & Kimmie Rhodes (singer-songwriter & author)

What do Jaston Williams and Kimmie Rhodes have in common? How about flat land, high winds, and uncommon levels of creativity? They belong to that curious breed of Texan who survived life in the Panhandle and went on to make names for themselves in the arts. Now, the two will gather at the Uptown Theater stage to swap songs and stories about their times on the high plains in an evening entitled Is There Life After Lubbock?

Williams likens it to sitting around in somebody’s living room: “We’ll have the guitars out, material that we’ve written and an idea of where we want to go, but if it starts to move on its own energy and someone thinks of something new…that’s where we will go! He’s so insistent on the informality of this shindig that he’s encouraging audience members to wear their house shoes and drink longnecks “We’re just gonna let it take us wherever it takes us,” Williams says.


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